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Companion Auto Update is one of my WordPress Plugins available to download for free. If you like it please consider donating.

About this pluginDescription

Companion Auto Update is a powerful and completely free plugin that allows you to manage all the updates on your WordPress site. Our aim is to give you the best control over these updates and stay in the know at all times.

We understand that you might not always be able to check if your WordPress site has any updates that need to be installed. Especially when you maintain multiple websites keeping them up-to-date can be a lot of work. This plugin can help you with that. We’ll keep your site up-to-date and keep you posted about what’s happening and notify you when we need your help with something.

Main features

  1. Auto-updating for plugins, themes, core and translation files
  2. Filter plugins and themes to not be updated
  3. E-mail notifications about old software, pending updates and completed updates
  4. An update log with all updates
  5. Option to delay automatic updates with an x number of days

Full control over everything

Full control, that’s what this plugin is all about. With this plugin you can enable (or disable) automatic updating for plugins, themes, WordPress core updates (both minor and major can be changed separately) and for translation files. Don’t want to run the updater for all plugins? Don’t worry, just disable auto updating for the plugins you’d like to skip and we can even notify you when there’s an update for these plugins so you can go and update them yourself.


By default we’ll check for updates twice a day but you can change this to several different options if you’d like. When choosing to update on a daily basis you can even select at what time you’d like it to run. Besides the updaters you can also schedule te notifications, want to update every hour but only recieve notifications once a day? No problem!
Sometimes developers will push an update that will cause errors on your site, they’ll often fix it within a day but if the updater has run in the mean time it can cause all kinds of issues. Now you can choose to delay updates with an x number of days to prevent this from happening.

Know what’s happening

We want you to know what’s happening on your website. This plugin offers settings for various email notifications. We can send you an email when an update is available, when a plugin has been updated or when wordpress has been updated.
But if you don’t want to recieve emails about this you can still log in and view the changelog to see what happened.

If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

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Full control over what to update and when to recieve notificationsDisable auto-updating for certain plugins and/or themesAdvanced scheduling options for updating and notifcationsKeep track of updates with the update log
Full control over what to update and when to recieve notificationsDisable auto-updating for certain plugins and/or themesAdvanced scheduling options for updating and notifcationsKeep track of updates with the update log

5 star averageReviews

This is how WP updates should work out of the box

By Robert Reiser (RobertReiser) on September 8, 2020

I really hope that this plugin will at some point be integrated into WP. This is how we should be able to configure WP updates. The author is open to suggestions and keeps adding new and useful features. A must-have, in my opinion!


By lifecafe on August 24, 2020


Must Have!

By designmission on August 20, 2020

This application is one I consider a must for all of the WordPress sites I have or manage. It keeps the code base up to date for me, which used to be a very time consuming process. With Companion Update running, security is far less of a concern and I know all of my sites are running on the latest versions of all software. Great plugin and one that keeps getting better. Thank you so much!

No longer required, I guess

By (isdoo) on August 12, 2020

Now that this is included in 5.5 this plugin is defunct. Thanks for the past, but now we must part.....


By mariocsoliveira on July 18, 2020


No more random API calls :)

By dr (daniel_richard) on June 30, 2020

I liked that my Query Monitor isn't showing any random API calls to check for updates.

perfect ! Does this plugin update itself?

By nicopointcom on June 18, 2020

perfect ! ps : Does this plugin update itself?

Does this plugin update itself?

By elimelech on June 10, 2020

Please tell me, can your plugin update itself? Or should it be disconnected from auto-update in the Update filter settings?


By norbertma on May 28, 2020

Thanks for that great plugin!

Works well

By tthefurmanuk on May 4, 2020

Some of my hosts software insatllers don't have auto update or they don't work well. This does the job for all of my WP sites.
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