A plugin of this scale can’t go without at least a few issues. All known issues are listed here with a fix for it (if we have one).

Right now paid plugins & themes might not update. This is due to the way WordPress works and I’m actively looking for a way around this.

Issues with plugins

There are a few plugins that might cause issues. Some cause no harm to others, some break the entire plugin.

On this page you can see which plugins are causing issues and how you can fix these issues.
Thanks to everyone for reporting these issues and helping find a solution.

Updating is globally disabled / All automatic updates are disabled

When you get the “Updating is globally disabled” error and the built-in “Fix it” button doesn’t work you’ll have to check your wp-config.php file for the following line (or something similar to it) and either remove that line or change it to false.


In case this doesn’t work be sure to reach out to us for further assistence.

Papin Schipper 28 February 2019