Companion Auto Update

Companion Auto Update

Auto Update WordPress

Companion Auto Update, WordPress Plugin

Keep your website safe!

We understand that you might not always be able to check if your wordpress site has any updates that need to be installed, especially when you maintain multiple websites keeping them up-to-date can be a lot of work.
This plugin enables background auto-updating for all plugins, all themes and the wordpress core (both major and minor updates).
We give you full control over what is updated and what isn’t, via the settings page you can easily disallow auto-updating for either plugins, themes or wordpress core.

Available settings

  1. Enable/disable updates for plugins (Enabled by default).
  2. Enable/disable updates for themes (Enabled by default).
  3. Enable/disable updates for minor WordPress updates (Enabled by default).
  4. Enable/disable updates for major WordPress updates (Enabled by default).
  5. Enable/disable updates for translation files (Enabled by default).

Email Notifications

  1. Update Available: Sends an email when an update is available and you’ve disabled auto-updates (Disabled by default).
  2. Successful Update: Sends an email when something has been updated (Disabled by default).
  3. Core Emails: By default wordpress sends an email when a core update happend, you can now disable this.

Advanced Controls

You can control auto-updating per plugin via the plugin filter.
For example: If you have Woocommerce installed but you do not wan’t to have it auto-updated you can now disable auto-updating for Woocommerce only, so your other plugins will continue to be updated.


You can change how often the updater runs, it defaults to twice daily but you can change this to hourly or daily.
The same settings can be changed for notifications.


Download Plugin



Manual install

  1. Download Companion Auto Update.
  2. Upload the ‘Companion Auto Update’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  3. Activate Companion Auto Update from your Plugins page.

Via WordPress

  1. Search for ‘Companion Auto Update’.
  2. Click install.
  3. Activate.


  1. Configure this plugin via Tools > Auto updater.


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